Due to the high demand for NWB puppies, our 2018 reservations are filling up fast.  If you would like to reserve a NWB baby for  2018 please contact us for a phone interview and an application.

 If you are approved a $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy from our 2018 litters all deposits and payments are non-refundable. 

Deposits may vary for litters from our friends.

If you would like to reserve the Pick of Litter Puppy the price is $1000 Additional.

***NWB always reserves the right to choose first pick puppy from any litter. *** 


The Van Kleeck Family* (BR) Brut/Oakly

The Profit Family*  BR (OCT)

The Berard Family * (BR) Ben/Bruin

The Beauregard Family* FWN (Destiny)

The Peters Family* FWN or WH

The Decamp Family * FWN (Baby Scarlet)

The Angevine* (FWN)

The Weber Family* (Grizzly) 

The Raposo Family * (Sweet Pea)

The Osborn Family *   (Truly)

The Dellaportas Family* (Honor)

The Trull Family* (FSHY FWN)

The Reyes Family* (Valor)

The Dopkins Family *( Mamba)

The Vinson Family* Late Fall 2018

The Jeppesen Family ** Butercup POL

The Penner Family *Rhett



The Kopinsky Family* FW M 

The Rowe Family**(Oli baby) M

The Cothern Family* F 

The Espinosa Family* F

The Lee Family* (Sara) M

The Feeks Family* F

The Stewart Family* M 

The Vargas Family* 

The Novelli Family* (Fall)

The Olson Family* MN

The Lamonte Family*  M(BR) Spring 

Caggiano * M (Spring 2019)

The Zimmerman Family* F (BR) 

The Campopiano Family M (FWN)


Color Code Break-Down:

Asterisk*  Deposit has been received

Gray- Deposit Paid, On Hold- Will Call 

Pink- Waiting for a female puppy

Blue- Waiting for a male puppy

Purple- Waiting for either sex puppy

Yellow- A puppy has been reserved from a current litter

Green- A puppy has been chosen and paid in full. This name will drop off of the list once the puppy is delivered.