Meet Dante... This sweet boy is an 18 month old Euro Import. His original owner took ill several months ago and he has been passed from family member to family member. The latest family to get him got into contact with us to see if we could help her place him because she is not equipped to handle this young ball of energy. She had no previous Boxer experience she just took him because the previous family threatened to send him to the pound because he was tied outside 24/7 and  when one of the kids got into his space he was so happy for the human contact that he accidentally wrapped his cable around the child;s neck and the child was almost choked to death. The current family that has him is not used to the energy of an 18 month old Boxer and he is living outside in a large pen when it is warm and she keeps him in her garage now that it is cold. She realized that this is not fair to him and he deserves better so she reached out to me for help. 
If you are interested in Dante you will need to have Boxer experience no kids under 15, he is not mean just very rambunctious and will jump on small children. He needs a home where someone will be home a lot and shower him with attention and love. He has great potential and will become a perfect family member in the right environment. Dante was socialized with his first owner and went to obedience classes. For the last several months he has not been able to interact with other dogs so no families with male dogs or small dogs because he is so bug he could accidentally hurt a small dog by playing. I am sure female dogs would be fine if they are medium or large sized. He is severely underweight in these pics and she said that she is working on getting his weight up to normal, she said he has gained weight since she got him in Nov. Dante is currently in Bowling Green KY.
I asked the current owner to compile a list of his good and bad points, below is the list:
Barks very little and never at night 
Crate trained and potty trained 
Does not drool
Rides well in vehicle 
Been to trainer
Knows sit, down, stay, come, will not eat until told ok. Must sit and stay in crate or pen until told to come out. 


Very hyper and playful, plays to rough for small children. 
Jumps on new people 
Pulls on leash has not learned to heel yet
Not sure how he’ll react with other dogs, been penned next to other dogs but mixed with very few. 
According to this he is a normal 18 month old Boxer puppy who just needs some time and training. Please feel free to call me if you are interested in finding out more about Dante.