On this page you will find puppies that are available from breeders that we trust. These are loving honest breeders with top quality healthy puppies from some of the same lines as our own. All puppies on this page are full European and they come with the same great Health Guarantee that we place on our puppies.  This could be 1yr minimum or up to three years feel free to call me for details or to find out more about these gorgeous babies and/or upcoming litters.

Our trusted breeder and friend, in Europe has 4 litters due this Spring and Summer. I have many of his Boxers in my breeding program and he has placed many of his babies here in the US with very happy families.  Boxers from this breeder are healthy, sweet, loving, beautiful, very intelligent and all of his boxers are health tested.  These puppies are available with breeding rights to small in home breeders. Health test results upon request. If you would like more info about the babies in Europe I am happy to help you.  Feel free to call me for more info at 207-465-3052. 

Sara and Jimmy Hendrix
Sara and Jimmy have two beautiful male puppies that are currently available. These boys are incredible! Please feel free to contact us for more info. 

Flashy Fawn Male (RESERVED Buettner Family)

Flashy Brindle Male (RESERVED Caggiano Family) 

Upcoming Litter Number 1

European CH Jimi Hendrix  X  Sladjana
This will be an amazing litter! The entire litter will be fawn there will be both flashy fawn and classic fawn puppies. The litter is due mid April 2019. Puppies can be delivered to your nearest International Airport.

Sladjana and Jimi have 2 flashy fawn males available pics to come soon.

Upcoming Litter Number 2

 Marlis  x  Marcelo
This litter is a repeat breeding, their first litter of puppies was nothing short of spectacular! The puppies will be various shades of brindle there will be both classic brindle and flashy brindle. The litter is due end of April 2019. Puppies can be delivered to your nearest International Airport.
Flashy Brindle Female  (Available)

Classic Fawn Male (AVAILABLE)

Semi Flashy Female (AVAILABLE)

Classic Female (RESERVED Bovarnick Family)


Upcoming Litter Number 3

Urban x Kimiko
This litter is due in early May. Kimiko is expected to have beautiful flashy fawn and classic fawn babies. There may also be a white baby or two. This will be a litter to watch, this breeder produces some the of richest and deepest red fawns you could ever wish for. His mahogany fawns are just breathtaking!  Puppies can be delivered to your nearest International Airport.
04/26/2019 Kimiko and Urban Babies have arrived, there are six and they are all boys! 

 1 Classic Fawn male is currently available will post pics soon.

Upcoming Litter Number 4

Tijana x Junker (Pronounced Younker)
I am very excited to see this litter! I have been in love with Tijana since she was whelped, what a beautiful girl she is! Junker is just a hunk what a pairing! Puppies are expected to be all shades of brindle. Some will be flashy and some will be classic and there will most likely be a white puppy or two. The babies will be nothing short of perfection! They are not expecting a lot of puppies from this litter as Tijana is not looking very big so if you are interested in this pairing you should call asap for info. The babies are expected early May and can be delivered to your nearest international airport.