Apolon Optimus Di Zara 

(MCH Warrior Dei Centurioni x CH Angora)








As I build this  page, I still cannot believe that we have Apolon here in our home!!!!  Apolon Optimus Di Zara, AKA "The Croation Sensation" was the pick of his litter which was sired by one of my all time favorite stud dogs in Europe today. The famous MCH Warrior Dei Centurioni. From the second I laid eyes on this great Champion Stud, I dreamed of some day adding one of his babies to our family.  I think he is one of the most handsome Boxers I have ever seen, Warrior is picture perfect and Apolon is a chip off of the old block!  Warrior is owned and loved by Centurioni Kennel in Italy. 

When Apolon's litter was born, I watched them grow and I admired them every day.  I would go to Fredi's FB page dailey to see if he had posted any new pics of his beautiful litter.  Lucky for me, he posted a lot of pictures and with each photo shoot the puppies were even more gorgeous than before.  Apolon and his brothers all seemed to have that perfect Warrior head. Of course I could also see a bit of their stunning dam in them as well.  CH Angora is a gorgeous female, I just knew this litter would be fantastic!  I enjoyed watching them grow and develope. I wanted one so badly but by the time I found out about the litter, they were all spoken for and Fredi had decided to keep Apolon.  I decided to wait until the next litter and I was hoping that they would repeat the breeding that had produced such amazing babies.  

When Apolon's litter went to their new homes, I kept in touch with their new owners. Both of them are very good friends of mine. I congratulated them and told them how lucky they were to have such gorgeous babies. I also stayed in touch with Fredi at Di Zara. I would often check his page for new pics of Apolon and I always remarked about how Apolon was so perfect and amazing. To my utter delight, one day after I had posted on their page and joked about going to Croatia to bring Apolon back to Maine to live with us, Fredi wrote me a private message and he told me that he would like to offer Apolon to us! I had to read the message about 5 times and then I wrote back to him and I told him that I thought that maybe I did not get the right message, I thought the on-line translator that I use translated his message wrong. He explained that he would like for me to have Apolon because they had decided to take their breeding program in a different direction. I could not believe that they offered Apolon to me, this very special puppy has been admired and loved by so many people and all of them would have jumped at the chance to add Apolon to their breeding programs. For this reason, I can never thank Fredi enough for choosing us as Apolon's new owners and trusting us to provide him with great love and care.  Apolon has it all, a great pedigree, a wonderful temperament and of course his stunning good looks:) There are no words that I can think of that could accurately describe the amount of appreciation and gratitude that I have for Fredi, I am honored that he chose us and trusts us with his very special Boxer Apolon Optimus Di Zara, we are very proud to have him with us at Northwoods Boxers!

Some of Apolon's baby pics

(click to make them bigger)

Apolon's Dam and Sire Ch Angora on the left and MCH Warrior Dei Centurioni on the right.




Pedigree for Apolon Optimus Dizara: 

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