October 2018

With a heavy heart we announce that we have 3 females that we are currently ready to place.  We are now accepting applications for the perfect families. This truly breaks our hearts to let any of them go but there is no way that we can continue our breeding program if we keep every single girl and boy that we retire because then we would have no room to bring in new Boxers who can produce beautiful babies. We also realize that Boxers revel in being the center of attention and getting all of the love so we feel that as much as we love and adore them they would be even happier to be the only Boxer in someone's life or one of two. All of our Boxers have always lived inside of our home. They are all house broke and crate trained. They ALL LOVE kids and for the most part they are well behaved. They are boxers after all, so a few of them will keep you on your toes.  We do have a few counter surfers but that will be easier to break for a family with less dogs :) 

The girls are all approx 6 yrs old except for Scarlet she is 4 yrs old. 

We are very SELECTIVE about the new families that we choose for our Adults just as we are for our babies. Approved homes must pass a home inspection, application, provide vet references and sign a contract that if for any reason our Boxer does not work out he/she must be returned to us. New families must also agree to keep our Boxers on their current raw diet or if it is not available in your area you must keep them on a raw diet that we approve of along with their NuVet vitamins. We do charge an adoption fee.

Please contact us at 207-465-3052 for more info.