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11/01/2017- Please be advised that we had a horrendous wind and rain storm this past Sunday into Monday. We were without power for two and a half days. We now have power and phone service restored but it has been brought to my attention that some customers are able to call and get through on our home number but others are reaching a recording that says our number is disconnected. I assure you our number is not disconnected this must be lingering affects from the damage to the lines. If you reach this recording please continue to call until you get through or email me at the email address below and I will call you back. My cell phone does not have reception at the house so calling the cell when I am at home does not help.

Libby and Scott Haver
Fairfield, ME 04937
207-465-3052 Home  (Always try me here first.)
207-710-9141 Cell

Contact Hours:
Monday - Sunday 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM