EARLY Spay and Neuter  can INCREASE the risk of cancer, bone and joint issues, and many other problems for your dog. Contrary to what your vet may tell you, it is no longer believed to be a healthy choice for your Boxer. PLEASE read the links below, if you heed this advise, you can greatly reduce many health risks including cancer and your 
Boxer will have a much greater chance of living a longer healthier life.
NWB will reduce our 3 yr guarantee to a 1 yr guarantee if you neuter your male before 3 yrs old or if you spay your female before her first heat AND her 1st birthday.




Dangers of Over Vaccinating Our Dogs!
When we combine over vaccinating with the dangers of early spay and neuter we are giving our dogs a double whammy!! 
Please read below a recent vaccine study from Purdue University.
We must advocate for our animals like we would for our children.
We would not dream of vaccinating our children every year for their entire lives against viruses like measles and  chicken pox  but we do this to our beloved furry family members because we love them and this is what we are told to do by many vets but this could do more harm than good according to this study.





A LEGAL ALTERNATIVE to getting a RABIES vaccine for your dog! You can also use this for the other annual vaccines that your vet recommends, remember the ONLY vaccine REQUIRED by law is the rabies vaccine and if your vet performs a Titer Test on your dog and the dog shows adequate immunity you can show the test results as proof and avoid vaccinating for Rabies. Below is the information about Titer Testing.



NWB has been taking the more holistic approach with our adults and babies for the last 8 yrs.  We feel that our Boxers and their babies are much healthier because of this. We want families to be on the same page as we are so this is why we provide you with this info. We DO have our babies wormed and vaccinated up to date by our vet when they leave us, We are not anti vaccine and we believe that the babies need the core vaccines as babies but the annual vaccines are a different matter in our opinion based on our research which have have provided some samples of above. I am not a veterinarian and make no claims to be but I have done years of research for the health of our Boxers so I strongly feel as a breeder it is my obligation and duty to help inform my customers and the public by sharing this info that has been reported and studied by renowned animal medicine schools and caring vets. We should all work together and share this info for the health and welfare of our babies.
Other Great Resources :

if you are interested in holistic type care for your pets please check out the sites listed below there is even a link with tips to get rid of itchy skin and paws caused by yeast and several links about heartworm prevention:









Below is a recipe that you can use if your boxer is itchy and chewing on his paws or getting ear infections. This is caused by Yeast this is a natural alternative to antibiotics and prescription meds. 
PLEASE NOTE- The instructor is in Australia so the temps that she mentions are in Celcius not Farenheit so just look up the conversion so that you will have the correct temps.