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 Diva is our gorgeous flashy golden fawn 3/4 European AKC female Boxer. She currently weighs in at almost 70 pounds.  Wow, what can I say about the Diva? I should have named her lizard or Gecko, as she is always licking whatever she can find, she even licks the air if she can't reach someone or something! She is a riot, she has a TON of energy and when we go out to play she is at full speed ahead everyday, she loves to chase balls, frisbees and the barn cats! ( she would not hurt them she just wants to play.) Luckily we have 12 acres for her to romp on to spend all of her energy. When she comes inside she is the perfect house dog, other than the fact that she still likes to jump on visitors. She just loves everyone so much and she must have ALL of the attention. Diva comes from some some of the most well known lines in the European Boxer world, her pedigree boasts some of the most prestigious lines in Europe such as, Del Colle Delle' Infinito, Wordanis, Boksdoorn and Boxmann just to name a few. She has several American and International champions as well as Schutzhund and Atibox. She has fantastic working and endurance lines! Diva has several more well known Champions through-out her pedigree!  As you can see from her pedigree, Diva also comes from health tested lines bred for health and longevity. We confidentley include a 1 yr genetic health guarantee on all of our babies. Diva is GORGEOUS, she meets AKC standards, just look at her striking deep fawn color, coal black mask, deep chest, and huge blocky head with the perfect  short and wide Euro muzzle, she is very thick and muscular, she has wonderful conformation, and she stacks naturally! Diva's movement is like poetry in motion! She is a true and beautiful representative of the European boxer breed. Look at the parents of any puppy that you consider and if the parents do not have the correct conformation/appearance and temperment neither will your puppy.


Diva's puppy pic, I saw this picture of her and I knew that I had to have her. Who could resist a face like this?

NOT ME!!!!!!!!! 

The beautiful portrait of our sweet Diva was created by Brianne Nichols. She used the above photo that I sent in for one of her contests as a model for this portrait, I was so happy to be the lucky winner! Thank-you Brianne:) You can find her website on my links page if you would like to commission a portrait of your own pet. You can choose your own background and colors and her prices are very reasonable!


Pedigree of:

Diva Des Nordwaldes
(Female) Fawn,
   [Breeding]   [Sibling]   [Vertical Pedigree]   [Reverse Pedigree]   [Link]

Rocky VK Hensberg

Igor Von Uns Uwe SchH 1 AD

Falco v Musikladen AD VPG1

Boy v Hochwald SchH 2 AD

VDH CH Vann Dal du Clos de Pellapoul SchH 3 FH AD
Baffi v Höchstberg SchH 3 AD
Angie v d Schatzinsel

GER CH Fergo v Santana SchH 3 AD
Gara v d Sodschen-Weinstrase
Hera v Uns Uwe SchH 2 AD

GER VDH LUX CH Leonardo v Pfauenthron

INT DE FR LX VDH CH Ibsen v d Sembacher Flur SchH 1 AD
Sugar v d Friesenperle
Bali v Flammenden Stern

Cäsar v Espengrund
Cece v Würzbechtal
Gloria v d Akazienbrücke AD

Vlamir dei Roeri SchH 1 AD BH

Norton dei Roeri SchH 1 BH

Rev Brindle
GER IT SWIT ATIBOX INT CH Olimpio del Colle dell'Infinito SchH 1
Brindle & White
Queen dei Principi di Piemonte
Glenda dei Roeri

Thor dell' Orobica
Lara dei Roeri
Yara v d Akazienbrücke AD

Idol v Santana AD VPG1

EU ATIBOX INT CH Teck del Colle dell'Infinito SchH 1 AD BH
Viktoria v Santana SchH 1 AD
VDH CH Unze v d Akazlenbrücke AD ZTP

GER CH Blackstar v Altenburg SchH 3 AD
Jade v Eschnapur
Teals Loving Izzy

Kennengail's Adicus

Hollando V Wordanis AD

Fawn White Markings

NL CH Arras v Bave-Loo
NL CH Orakel v Worikben
Fabuleus Faby Vavonabox

WRLD INT CH Quemax del Trinitad IPO 1
Kaya v d Leeuwendijk
Cleito Kid Johnson SchH 2

Fawn Black Mask White Markings
OFA Hip # = BX-2598F43F-NOPI
Dirk v d Valhalla

Fawn White Markings
Victor v Colber Eck SchH 3 IPO 3 FH
Brindle & White
Goldie v d Valhalla
Brindle & White
Meredith v d Valhalla

Fawn Black Mask White Markings
Puma v Eulenhorst
Fawn & White
Dachs v d Valhalla
Brindle Black Mask
Maryland's Poison Ivy

Boxmann Telegram Sam

OFA Cardiac # = BX-CA1117/43M/C-
Boxmann Roma Victor

Boxmann Rhett Butler
Gina del Colle dell'Infinito
Boxmann Princess Leia

BEL LUX GER INT CH Toekaan v d Boksdoorn
Boxmann Rockaria

Date of Death = 3/31/2008
Tara's Baccarat

Fawn & White
OFA Hip # = BX-2013G26F

Brindle & White
OFA Cardiac # = BX-CA105/103M/C-
OFA Hip # = BX-691G34M-T
Cause of Death = DM
Brindle White Markings
OFA Hip # = BX-500F45M-T
Date of Death = 5/15/1997
Turos Cameo Of Campisi
Brindle & White
Belire Im Simply The Best

Fawn White Markings
OFA Hip # = BX-1095F27F
Belire Chariman Of The Board
Cherry Pie
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