We are very proud to create this page, today we received news that 3 of our NWB babies are being featured in a huge art exhibit! 


Who knows what the future holds for our beautiful babies. Maybe commercials, movies, modeling jobs, you just never know where a NWB baby may turn up but of course, their favorite place is cuddled up next to their favorite human and we think that is a great place for them to be too:)

Below is the email that we received from their proud and beautiful mom, Dani: 

 Hey Libby!

Just wanted to let you know that my Northwoods Boxers are in a painting that is on display in the Tory Foliard Gallery in Milwaukee, WI right now. They are famous!

Here's the painting. All three of them are so gorgeous. :) This painting is being featured in a large show opening on 7/31. There is a write up about it in the gallery's blog too. Very cool huh? :)! 


Lon Michels - "Harley Chic"

"Harley Chic", Lon Michel's new painting, perfectly epitomizes the Latin phrase "Horror Vacui", which roughly translates to  "fear of empty space", a stylistic concept dating back thousands of years.  This idea can be seen in the art and objects of many ancient cultures whose artisans filled every surface of valuable items such jewelry, rugs, illuminated manuscripts, and textiles with meticulous detail.  "Harley Chic" is anything but old fashioned.  The young woman portrayed gazes directly at the viewer and is stylishly up to date with Jimmy Choo-like shoes and bold tattoos.  Her lavishly decorated surroundings serve as a beautiful setting, rather than a distraction, and her faithful furry companions are equally elegant.  Each element within the composition is intricately detailed, including the motorcycle which appears in the open magazine on the ottoman and the glorious garden outside the window.  It takes a lot of patience to create a beautiful piece of work that is this complex, but as Michel's eloquently puts it:  "Integrity, passion, beauty and love are essential components in creating my work. Artists bring magic, hope, love and fresh thinking into what can be a stagnant and predictable world." 
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