We would like to thank Jose' and Vanesa Guilabert  at Klowsberry Kennel in Ireland who brought our beautiful Akeela into the world. Because of their selective breeding practices along with their knowledge and dedication to the breed they have produced some of the best puppies in the UK!  Because of their expertise and love of the breed they brought some of the most beautiful Boxer puppies into the world that you will ever see! Making it possible for us to add Atlanta's beautiful half sister to our NWB family! Thank-you Jose' and Vanesa for your dedication to the Boxer breed and all of your research and knowledge. You have created such beautiful puppies and of course we must not forget to mention the incredible, Milo her sire and his breeder Gill at Taranut Boxers. Yoko and Milo created our beautiful girl who is about as close to perfect as they come!  Her head and confirmation are amazing and her intelligence and temperament is exactly what I would choose if I could place  an order and get  a perfect Boxer, mind body and soul, that would be Akeela!   She is very bright so, she learns very quickly. She is sweet and loyal to a fault. If I were to write down on a piece of paper my dream Boxer, Akeela would be everything that I would ask for and more. She has everything I could dream of. She has it all, brains and beauty and a great personalty! We are forever indebted to you Vanesa and Jose' for your friendship and guidance and for providing us with such top notch Boxers who are so instrumental in building the foundation of our breeding program. We are so honored that you chose and trusted us to raise so many of your beloved Boxers. 

Akeela is Atlanta's half sister and Yoko's daughter . We love that we have been able to reunite them and keep them all together here in the US.  Akeela's pedigree is comprised of some of the very best Boxers and lines in the UK! Her sire Linncam Story Maker of Taranut has earned several  titles and her half sister is the winner of Cruft's Best Female Puppy. This is the UK equivalent of our Westminster! We will be crossing Akeela with our European lines in order to help us accomplish our goal of producing the very best Continental Boxers in the US.  Although we LOVE the look of  Euro boxers, and we believe that we already have some of the very best available here in the states,  there are always things that can be improved upon in every line. We expect that when we introduce the UK lines we will add a little more height and a heavier, more angulated rear, we find many Euro lines could use a little more substance in the rear. The UK lines also produce beautiful tight (Pom-Pom) feet. The head and muzzle of the UK lines do tend to be very large and fleshy but Akeela's head is perfect and very clean due to the influence of her dam Yoko!  We have our several very handsome studs to choose from when we breed her, we have no limitations on who we can breed her to because she is just so flawless :)  

Akeela's Pedigree :