Special Notice NWB will no longer be removing dewclaws!

Attention: All of Nicole's puppies still have their dew claws. We have decided to go more with the European Standard and leave the dewclaws intact. We based our decision not only on the look but on the health of the dogs as well. There has been a lot of controversy recently about dew claw removal.  If you would like more info, just ask we will be happy to send you some links about the many dangers and negative aspects of dew claw removal.

Below is one of many reasons we have decided to stop removing dew claws:


Trueman and one of his babies to be in the 2012 Must Luv Boxers Calendar!!!!!!

Watch for Trueman in the 2012 Must Luv Boxer's Calendar!  He is the Boxer of the month chosen for Jan and one of his offspring (Milana-AKA Minnie) was chosen for the month of Nov! We are very honored and proud!!!!


Meet NWB families and their babies on our NWB FB page. 

This page is exclusively for NWB puppy owners, their friends and families. We started this page last Fall and it is a lot of fun as well as being very informative informative. Our puppy families are able to stay in touch with each other share pictures and watch the progress of their puppy's litter mates. Many new and lasting friendships have been formed on our FB page and it is also a great place to talk to many of the people who have written us testimonials. You can also find out if we have puppies near you and set up puppy play dates!

7/29/2011- Received a wonderful Testimonial from Kitty Mattera in NY. She is the proud mom of Bailey a handsome muscular Euro boy from Trueman and Fiore'. You can view a pic of Bailey and Kitty's Testimonial on our Testimonials page.  testimonials.php 

7/13/11 - 3 Northwoods Boxers in a huge Art Exhibit!

We just received an email today to let us know that 3 of our babies are being featured in a huge art show in WI. We think this is really awesome. We are very proud that the artist thought they were great subjects along with their beautiful and loving owner Dani. Of course, we think each and every one of our babies is a masterpiece:) Please read the email below sent in by their proud mama.

Hey Libby!
Just wanted to let you know that my Northwoods Boxers are in a painting that is on display in the Tory Foliard Gallery in Milwaukee, WI right now. They are famous!
Here's the painting. All three of them are so gorgeous. :) This painting is being featured in a large show opening on 7/31. There is a write up about it in the gallery's blog too. Very cool huh? :)


 06/10/11- Diva was confirmed pregnant today!

To see more pics of Our stunning girl Diva as well as the gorgeous sire Trueman and to learn about them go to their individual pages, Diva Trueman .This is a repeat breeding we are very excited about these puppies their 2010 litter was AMAZING! You can see last years puppies on the past puppies page. 


04/29/2011- We have a new family member that will be joining us on May 5th 2011 !!!!!!!!!! I am so excited, I can hardly keep it a surprise.......But I will:)  Our newest NWB girl will be co-owned with a great friend who I will disclose once the secret is out.

I will give you a few hints, she is from one of the very best kennels in Europe, she is GORGEOUS, she is reverse brindle and she is AMAZING!  That is all I can tell you right now. If you want to find out who she is just check back on May 6th, that will give me time to make her a page and to take some pictures.


 04/28/2011- Northwoods Boxers has extended our 1 yr health guarantee for all puppies purchased starting April 2011 ! We have always included a 1 yr Genetic Health Guarantee with all of our puppies. To prove our commitment to our clients and our belief in the health of our puppies, we have decided to extend our gentic health guarantee for an additional 2 yrs for genetic heart, thyroid and hip dysplasia providing our clients with a total of 3 yrs protection against genetic defects of the  hips, thyroid and heart!