Our Future

We are in the process of expanding our Breeding Program to help us accomplish our goal of producing the very best Continental and Euro Boxers puppies in the US. In order to do this we have held back a few our very best puppies and they have remained at NWB for evaluation. If they meet all requirements for our Breeding Program, they will become a part of our Breeding team when they reach the appropriate age. Below, you will see 4 Northwoods babies they were produced here by us and we are very proud and excited to have some of our own offspring to add to our breeding  program. Northwoods Rhapsody in Red,  Northwoods November Rayne, Northwoods  Star Struck and Northwoods Garden of Eden. We are very excited to watch their progress and to see what the future holds for them here at NWB! 


Introducing Northwoods November Rayne! Born 11/11/11 We are very proud of this beautiful girl.  Pics were taken at 13 months of age.

 Below are Rayne's parents:

Northwoods Trueman Von Holland x Nicole DCDI 


Introducing Northwoods Garden of Eden! Pics are from newborn to 3 months of age. She is AMAZING in every way and we have very high hopes for her!

Below are Eden's Parents:


Diva Des Nordwaldes x CH Olimpio V  Zogohof 


We have also maintained the right to breed back to a few of our offspring that we feel are exceptional examples of the breed and they are pictured  below : 

Northwoods Rhapsody in Red " Jake" Lives about 40 minutes away with his forever family the Easons. I am thrilled to have him so close to us!  He is 13 months old in these pics.  Jake is a full bother to Rayne.

 Stella is a littermate to Eden, she is co-owned and living with her amzing forever family the Katz's. She is a gorgeous flashy fawn girl.



Da Vinci Von Klowsberry from our very dear friends, Vanesa and Jose' at Klowsberry Boxers ! 



Vulcan Vom Igneshof our co-owned imported stud. Vulcan was imported and lives with our dear friends the Mortons, once he is tested and reaches the appropriate age we plan to use him in our breeding program. 


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