Bella Our American Beauty


She is my other eyes that can see above the clouds;
 my other ears that hear above the winds.
She is the part of me that reaches out into the sea.
She has told me a thousand times over that I'm
her reason for being.
by the way she rests against my leg; 
by the way she thumps her tail at my smallest smile;
 by the way she shows her hurt when I leave
without taking her.
I think it makes her worry when she is not along
to care for me.
When I am wrong, she is delighted to forgive.
When I am angry, she clowns to make me smile.
When I am happy, she is joy unbounded.
When I am a fool, she ignores it.
When I succeed, she brags.
Without her, I am only another person. 
With her, I am all powerful.
She is loyalty itself.
She has taught me the meaning of devotion.
With her, I know a secret comfort and a private peace. 
She has brought me understanding where before
I was ignorant.
Her head on my knee can heal my human hurts.
Her presence by my side is protection against my fears 
of dark and unknown things.
She has promised to wait for me, whenever, wherever
in case
I need her.
And I expect I will, as I always have.

  She is just my dog.

This poem by Gene Hill perfectly describes my relationship with my beloved Boxer Bella.eloved Boxer                  

Bella is our beautiful dark brindle American Boxer, she was our very first boxer and made us fall in love with the breed. Bella is the reason that NWB exists! 

She is my shadow, her world literally revolves around me. Bella is the love of my life, I think that she has to be the sweetest most loving soul on this earth. She would follow me to the end of the world, there is not a shadow of doubt in my mind. Bella is just as as beautiful as she is loving and she knows it too, sometimes just seems to pose for the camera. I think that she missed her calling and she should have been a boxer model:)

Bella is kind to all other animals, she loves kids and adults and she is an amazing mother, she is so attentive and careful with her babies. She has done a wonderful job with her past puppies, they were all gorgeous and such wonderful puppies, they all went to great homes and they are so spoiled, you can see them on the Past Puppies page.

Bella is very athletic and she is well muscled and agile. She loves to run and jump over the tallest snow banks that she can find. She can run laps around the property like a maniac and tears through the woods but when she comes in the house she just lays on the couch or in front of the heater (if it is winter, that is her favorite spot).

Bella will remain here at NWB to enjoy her retirement by my side and to love and help socialize our future generations of puppies. Bella loves all babies and she enjoys being the "Nanny"!

  Nicole Del Colle Dell'Infinito


 Italian Import

 We are honored to have this beautiful and regal Italian bred female as a part of our breeding program. She is a perfect example of what a top quality, well bred European female boxer should look like and we are honored to have her here at Northwoods Boxers. DCDI kennels in Italy where Nicole was born is world renowned. They are credited with  contributing their expertise and knowledge of the boxer breed by introducing the best of the best into the foundation that has created the lines that have shaped the very essence of the European Boxer for the past several Decades. Most well bred European boxers from today can be traced back to DCDI in their pedigree.

We adore Nicole, she is the sweetest most loving girl, both with people and with the other boxers here. She is very submissive and she loves EVERYONE human and/or animal. Nicole has a very loving and giving spirit. She loves to play ball, that is her most favorite thing in the world. She stays right by our side and she is GORGEOUS to look at too!

To make it even sweeter for us, Nicole is actually Coquet's Aunt, she is the sister of Nordia at Z-Ringu Kennels in CZ, Coquet's beautiful mother. I love the fact that they have ended up together and they came here from miles away, I would have never guessed in a million years that we would be fortuante enough to have these two together. This great big world sure does seem awful small sometimes:) 

Nicole is enjoying a wonderful and happy life with her new family the Maxon's 

 Nicole's Pedigree:


Pedigree of:

Nicole del Colle dell'Infinito 
Female WS35841301 Brindle Black Mask White Markings 
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Generations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

IT HUNG INT CHAgo del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 2
LOI 99/197422 Fawn & White
INT DE FR LX VDH CH Ibsen v d Sembacher FlurSchH 1 AD 
DBZB 195218 Fawn
FR CH Don Carlos du Fief des IlotsSchH 1 AD
LOF 085373 Fawn & White
BEL FR INT CH Athos de l'Enfer VertSchH 3 AD 
LOF 078140 Fawn & White
GER ATIBOX CH SGR Xanthos v Bereler RiesSchH 3 AD FH1DBZB 165185 Brindle & White
Twiggy de l'Enfer Vert LOF 070797 Fawn
Almee du Dolan 
LOF 279223
FR CH Perry du Chemin FleuriLOF 061244 Brindle
Pauline de la Velette LOF 062356 Fawn
Hummel v d Sembacher FlurSchH 2 AD 
LOF 095801
BEL FR INT CH Athos de l'Enfer VertSchH 3 AD 
LOF 078140 Fawn & White
GER ATIBOX CH SGR Xanthos v Bereler RiesSchH 3 AD FH1DBZB 165185 Brindle & White
Twiggy de l'Enfer Vert LOF 070797 Fawn
Anuschka v d Sembacher FlurSchH 2 AD FH 
DBZB 172984 Brindle
Ammon v SperbergrundSchH 1DBZB 154385
Jette v Rotenmoor DBZB 160444
IT CH Tullia del Colle dell'Infinito 
LOI 080659
AUS INT CH Hoss v d GoldquelleSchH 3 IPO3 AD FH 
DBZB 177810
GER CH Cliff v FalknisblickSchH 3 AD FH
DBZB 162943 Brindle
GER CH Carlino v Nassau OranienSchH 1 DBZB 142495 Brindle
Urfee v Falknisblick DBZB 261448
Danica v d GoldquelleSchH 1 
DBZB 164859 Brindle
GER CH Carlino v Nassau OranienSchH 1 DBZB 142495 Brindle
Corynn v d Burg Auer DBZB 149321 Brindle
Genny del Colle dell'Infinito 
LOI 061114
GER IT SWIT ATIBOX INT CH Olimpio del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 
LOI 055540 Brindle & White
IT DE CH Tito del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 IP1 AD LOI 046401 Dark Brindle
IT CH Louisette della Val di SenioSchH 1 LOI 040507 Brindle
Alice del Colle dell'Infinito 
LOI 052414 Fawn
GER CH Lloyd v RittersbergVDH SchH 1 DBZB 164197 Fawn
Brina del Colle dell'InfinitoFawn
Quinta del Colle dell'Infinito 
GER CH Xedos v Hause Rehberg 
DBZB 208145
INT DE FR LX VDH CHIbsen v d Sembacher FlurSchH 1 AD 
DBZB 195218 Fawn
FR CH Don Carlos du Fief des IlotsSchH 1 AD 
LOF 085373 Fawn & White
BEL FR INT CH Athos de l'Enfer VertSchH 3 AD LOF 078140 Fawn & White
Almee du Dolan LOF 279223
Hummel v d Sembacher FlurSchH 2 AD 
LOF 095801
BEL FR INT CH Athos de l'Enfer VertSchH 3 AD LOF 078140 Fawn & White
Anuschka v d Sembacher FlurSchH 2 AD FH DBZB 172984 Brindle
INT NL GER CHFinesse v Steinmeister TeichSchH 3 AD 
DBZB 194216 Brindle
VDH INT CH Texas v Hause RehbergSchH 3 
DBZB 187785
Dominic v ViaduktSchH 3 IPO 3 FH 1 AD DBZB 183339 Brindle
Caty v Lindenrondell DBZB 181836 Fawn
Kaleda's Gitta 
DBZB 190411
Timo v Steinmeister Teich NKK 08324/86 Fawn
Rognerud's Bianka
Isa del Colle dell'Infinito 
GER IT SWIT ATIBOX INT CH Olimpio del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 
LOI 055540 Brindle & White
IT DE CH Tito del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 IP1 AD 
LOI 046401 Dark Brindle
EUR CH Bruno v d MorsbachSchH 1 DBZB 153988 Brindle & White
Bellamora LOI 036904 Fawn
IT CH Louisette della Val di SenioSchH 1 
LOI 040507 Brindle
Dirk LOI 037009 Brindle
Eva della Val di Senio LOI 035054 Brindle
Dina del Colle dell'Infinito 
EU ATIBOX INT CH Teck del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 AD BH 
LOI 065582
GER CH Mirco v TurmblickSchH 3 AD FH DBZB 185323 Fawn
IT CH Fionda del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 LOI 051209 Brindle
ATIBOX CH Playa del Colle dell'Infinito 
LOI 064581 Brindle
AUS INT CH Hoss v d GoldquelleSchH 3 IPO3 AD FHDBZB 177810
Ulla del Colle dell'Infinito LOI 058991 Dark Brindle


Diva Des Norwaldes 


  Diva is our gorgeous flashy golden fawn 3/4 European AKC female Boxer. She currently weighs in at almost 70 pounds.  Wow, what can I say about the Diva? I should have named her lizard or Gecko, as she is always licking whatever she can find, she even licks the air if she can't reach someone or something! She is a riot, she has a TON of energy and when we go out to play she is at full speed ahead everyday, she loves to chase balls, frisbees and the barn cats! ( she would not hurt them she just wants to play.) Luckily we have 12 acres for her to romp on to spend all of her energy. When she comes inside she is the perfect house dog, other than the fact that she still likes to jump on visitors. She just loves everyone so much and she must have ALL of the attention. Diva comes from some some of the most well known lines in the European Boxer world, her pedigree boasts some of the most prestigious lines in Europe such as, Del Colle Delle' Infinito, Wordanis, Boksdoorn and Boxmann just to name a few. She has several American and International champions as well as Schutzhund and Atibox. She has fantastic working and endurance lines! Diva has several more well known Champions through-out her pedigree!  As you can see from her pedigree, Diva also comes from health tested lines bred for health and longevity. We confidently include a 1 yr genetic health guarantee on all of our babies. Diva is GORGEOUS, she meets AKC standards, just look at her striking deep fawn color, coal black mask, deep chest, and huge blocky head with the perfect  short and wide Euro muzzle, she is very thick and muscular, she has wonderful conformation, and she stacks naturally! Diva's movement is like poetry in motion! She is a true and beautiful representative of the European boxer breed. Look at the parents of any puppy that you consider and if the parents do not have the correct conformation/appearance and temperament neither will your puppy.

Diva is our very special girl.  She was our first Euro Boxer and we think is just AMAZING! Diva will spend her retirement here with Bella.  She is great with all puppies so she will pitch in to help with socializing the babies and teaching them how to be perfect:)


B-4 Belle Fiore' 


 We are so happy to have Fiore here with us, she is the perfect addition to our family, she is sweet and funny and she brings a lot of fun and energy into our lives.  She and Trueman are the best of friends and she is very respectful of Diva and Bella so they have totally accepted her as well, bringing an older female in can be tricky as females are very territorial but Bella and Diva have such amazing and loving personalities and Fiore is submissive so we have blended very easily and life is great with another beautiful boxer to share our home and our lives with, it is almost like she has been here from the beginning.

08/24/12 ..... Fiore' is now living on a beautiful farm in MA with the Dolan family where she is semi-retired! She will have her final litter of NWB puppies in her new home next summer and then she will be there to live out the rest of her life.  She has already stolen the hearts of Teri and Bill, they fell in love with pics of her on our site and we had not planned on placing her yet but this wonderful family had just lost their boxer and were heartbroken.  After hearing their story and how much they loved their previous Boxer, I just could not deny them the love and  joy that only a Boxer can give.

11/01/13 our beautiful Fiore and our Trueman blessed us with 10 beautiful healthy babies in Sept 2013.  What an amazing litter it was!  Ten of the most beautiful babies we could have ask for and all perfect! We kept a baby from this litter and her name is  Fiona. We will post pics of her on the  Our Future page  in a few months. Fiona is now fully retired and being spoiled like the princess that she is with her family the Dolan's , they adore her the feeling is mutual!

 Yoko is our beautiful female that we imported and brought into our home from our very dear friends Jose and Vanessa at Klowsberry Boxers in Ireland. We are so delighted to  have another of  their girls in our home. Atlanta came here with such wonderful manners and a sweet disposition. It is so apparent the amount of love and time that Vanessa and Jose' give to their Boxers.  Yoko is the PERFECT girl. She never causes any issues and has perfect manners. If it were possible to order a perfect dog it would be Yoko!    When we were offered the opportunity to add Yoko we were flattered and honored and when we found out that she was Atlanta's best friend in Ireland, we just had to bring her to join our family. It will make us so happy to see the two best friends reunited! Our beautiful new girl, Yoko was bred and raised in England by the very prestigious and highly regarded Zenmaxkay  Kennel her pedigree include  some of the very best lines in Europe and the UK,  Centurioni and Hazenburg!  We plan to breed her to Olimpio  late this Fall which will produce our first babies that will be going to their new homes in 2013. We are so very excited and honored that Jose' and Vanessa are trusting yet another of their beautiful cherished  Boxers to come and join our family here in the US. 

 12/01/2013 We have retired our beautiful Yoko, she had 2 litters with complications and we felt it could be a risk to her health is we bred her again so she is no longer a part of our breeding program.  Yoko is now living a great retired life with the Melvin family. She is very happy and loves  playing with her human children. She is being spoiled and pampered and showered with love! We miss her dearly but we could not ask for a better life for her.