Our Beautiful retired all American, GInger Bella Rosa is 6 today May 12th 2012! Happy Birthday to our sweet Princess. NWB exists because of the way you completely stole out hearts and we love you so much. I hope we can celebrate birthdays with you for the next 100 yrs! 

 Coquet Z  Ringu

Spring 2012

Taranut Atlanta

Spring 2012

 Northwoods November  Rayne

Northwoods Trueman Von Holland x Nicole DCDI

Spring 2012

Scott and Trueman playing video games:) Is it just me or does Trueman look bored? He wanted to watch Animal Planet!

Winter  2011

 Some of Trueman x Nicole DCDI's  Fall 2011 Litter learning to sit and wait patiently for treats. (L to R) Rayne, Ody (now Jake), Nate(now Hitch) and Baby (now Bea).

Winter  2011

Trueman and Atlanta honing their tracking skills:)

Spring 2012

Fun with the frisbee in our little meadow.  Starring Fiore' Dori and Rayne.  Spring 2012

 Coquet Spring 2012

 Diva Summer 2010

Trueman Summer 2010 

Bella Summer 08 

Two of Diva and Trueman's favorite things are Hailey and chasing balls:)

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