"Cheap Puppies"

If you are looking for a "cheap puppy" you should probably stop here.

There are plenty of breeders who offer and can afford to sell "cheap puppies" because they have little or no money and/or time invested in the parents or a proper breeding program and they could care less where their puppies end up. They will mate two dogs together because they are the same breed and they could care less about the lineage or background, they do not even care if they are breeding to a dog that meets the breed standards.

Most of the time they can't even tell you anything about the parents of the dogs that they are using to breed from, let alone the health or temperaments of the parents and the grandparents of those dogs.

Quite often, these "cheap puppies" end up costing the unsuspecting public more than a well bred puppy that was raised and loved by a reputable breeder who does the proper testing and research and who breeds only the best of the best to produce the total package of health, intelligence, great looks and temperament. Longevity and quality of life is our goal and we stand behind our lines.

Sadly, many unsuspecting puppy buyers who go in search of a "cheap puppy" end up paying much more in the long run when they buy a "cheap puppy" because many of them end up spending thousands in vet bills, for issues like mange, allergies, heart problems, Digenerative Myopathy, and many other common ailments that plague boxers, their entire families also pay a huge emotional toll as they watch their beloved boxer suffer and often times expire or need to be euthanized due to these afflictions. I have heard plenty of horror stories, enough to last me a lifetime. 

If you are looking for a puppy that has come from heart cleared  parents, a puppy who's lines can be traced back to several generations of health tested ancestors, from a breeder who has taken the time and researched those lines in order to only breed boxers from the highest quality and healthiest lines, a breeder who offers a "true" Health Guarantee in writing, a breeder who has poured endless hours and thousands of dollars into finding and purchasing her dogs and into their care once they are here, a breeder who is constantly reasearching the breed, passing helpful info to her puppy buyers new and old, a breeder who spends countless hours nuturing, loving, socializing and training her puppies, a breeder who spares no expense in vet care and training aids and toys for her big dogs and her puppies, a breeder who feeds the very best dog food to her dogs and puppies,  a breeder who connects puppy owners to each other (if they want to) so that they can keep in contact with the siblings of their puppies, a breeder who will be here for you 24/7 for the life of your boxer, if you have a question or need help and you realize that this kind of quality and service will not come at a "cheap price" because it would be impossible, then please feel free to continue reading:)

One last word of advise, our prices are very comparable for European Boxers from other US breeders however, there are plenty of breeders who charge prices similar to ours and they do not have the same quality of boxers that we do and they do not provide the quality of time and care that we do, they have also not done the research on their breeding dogs, please be cautious and ask questions before purchasing your Boxer puppy.



 Northwoods Boxer Puppies:)


Our puppies are like our babies. My children are grown and I am an independant insurance adjuster this allows me to take time from my job and devote all of my time to helping our girls raise their precious babies. For the last 2 weeks of their pregnancy and for the 8 weeks that the puppies are starting their little lives here with us, I hardly leave the house. I am right with the mother and I assist her in the birth and cleaning of each baby, the babies are all handled  several times a day. Mother's and babies are cherished and showered with love and attention and the babies are also taught house manners and simple commands. We start them on crate training at weaning and the housesbreaking begins at 3 weeks, believe it or not!

I keep the whelping box as well as the puppies and the mother immaculate, they are all fed a very high quality food and they get lots of toys of different textures and designs which make cool noises to peak their curiousty and interest as well as help to build their confidence and problem solving skills. At 1 week we start trimming their little toe nails to get them used to it and to keep them from scratching their mothers. When it comes time to wean the puppies, they are all fed together from a huge bowl or a few huge bowls, this is to help them learn that they are to share their food and hopefully keep them from ever having food aggression issues. We have a very safe puppy room here in the house that we designed just for the puppies so that when we or the puppies or their mommies need a little break or if we have to go away they have a safe, beautiful, fun place to play and rest. We just put up a baby gate so that we can all still see and hear each other. When the babies are totally weaned we start Crate training them at night to prepare them for when they go to their new homes. This makes their parents as well as the time and the love that we invest into each puppy beginning transition to your home a lot more comfortable for them and you. The puppies are socialized with our little maltese and our barn cats as well as being used to seeing horses and wildlife. 

Our puppies are not only known for their beauty and great conformation but they are also intelligent, confident and they have amazing temperaments. We believe that this is a result of the solid lines that they come from and their spectacular lineage.

I assist each puppy as he or she enters this world. WE spend the next 8 weeks, nuturing, loving and training our babies with love and understanding to prepare them for their new lives in their new families. If you have not guessed yet, we do not place our puppies with just anyone who calls and has the money. We have a screening process and an application that must be filled out, we then review the applications and choose those applicants that we feel will provide the very best homes for our babies.  We do not sell to puppymills or pet stores. We may consider selling to approved breeders. We reserve the right to refuse to sell any puppy to any person for any reason. Once you are approved for a puppy you will have 24 hours to send us your $500 deposit or the puppy will return to available status. Please see shipping page for payment details if your puppy needs to be shipped.

Your puppy must be paid for in full with shipping costs (if being shipped only with a pet nanny) by the time he/she is 6 weeks old. If full payment is not made by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old, the puppy will be put back on the available puppy status.

If you are interested in placing a deposit on a future litter or a particular puppy, please contact us by phone or email. Our contact info can be found on the home page.

All of our puppies will be well socialized with people (adults and children) and other animals. Each puppy will have age appropriate shots and wormings.  They will have been seen by the vet for all vaccines, the vet records will be in the kit. They come with a 1 or 3 yr Health Guarantee and a lifetime of support from me. I will always be here for any questions that you may have. I love each and every boxer baby that I place so I will always be available day or night for both of you and in return I hope that I will recieve monthly pictures and updates. Puppies that are being shipped with a pet nanny or will be flying home with you will have a special Health Certificate (required for flying) a blankie and a stuffed toy rubbed on his/her littermates and mommy so that he/she has comforting, familiar scents on his/her journey to meet his/her forever family. All puppies being picked up will also have a stuffed animal rubbed on mom and siblings and a blankie as well. We also send home Nuvet Plus Supplements starter packs because the puppies have them daily when they are here and they are amazing for the health and well being of your puppy as well as helping to reduce shedding and making their coats silky and shiny. All potential homes must fill out a puppy application and we reserve the right to deny any application for any reason.


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