NWB No Longer Ships Puppies !

Would you ship your children or your spouse in a cargo hold on a plane? Of course you wouldn't and neither would we. After shipping a few puppies we decided that we could not continue to send our cherished babies off all alone on a plane anymore. We thought that we would see a decrease in business but we were willing to take that chance because sending our babies off in the cargo hold of a plane was much to  for us and although we never had an issue, I am sure that our sweet 8 week old babies were scared and stressed on their journeys to their new families. I just could not watch another sweet sad face be carted away in crate looking at me as if to say, where am I going mama? Knowing that they were in for a long flight in a dark cargo hold all alone.

Well it turns out the opposite has happened. Our business actually increased. We have a huge list of reservations and our approved puppy families are more than happy to fly or drive in to meet their babies in person.  Of course, we have a lot of familes here in North East that drive up for our babies but we also have many families that fly in and some of them drive in from far away places such as Canada, Washington State, CA, TX, MN, WI, FL, GA, the Carolinas and many other places.

We welcome you to come to our home to pick up your baby or we will be more than happy to meet you at either Portland ME or the Bangor ME airport. We do not charge for this service. We feel this is the least we can do since our clients are willing to travel across the country in many cases for the comfort and emotional well being of their new NWB baby.

When you arrive you will be given all of the paperwork for your baby and this includes a health certificate issued and signed by our vet that states your puppy was seen with-in the last 10 days and that your puppy is healthy and fit for travel.

You will also be able to examine and inspect your puppy to make sure that you are satisfied and comfortable with his/her appearance and health. You will not be obligated to follow through with the purchase if your puppy is sick or otherwise unhealthy. 

We feel very fortunate that we implemented this practice in 2012 year because new federal laws approved Sept 2013 requires this process due to the number of breeders selling puppies over the internet, sight unseen. They are not seen by the families first and many families have had the heartbreaking and sickening reality of going to their hometown airport to pick up a puppy shipped in by a breeder for them only to find out the puppy is sick or riddled with health issues. 

I feel this is a great law it is aimed at the many so-called breeders out there who hide behind their computers and sell sick puppies to unsuspecting families. 

 I hope that all breeders will obey this law if a breeder will not require you to personally inspect  your puppy and make sure it is healthy, maybe that should be a red flag. 

 Puppy Pick up Date

When a litter of puppies is born their go home day is either on their eight week birth date or the following Sat. We do not hold puppies because it is not fair for a single puppy to remain with us after their siblings leave. It creates stress for them. When the babies leave and go to their new homes it is stressful as well but they adjust quickly because they are the center of attention for their new family and their new families  give them their undivided attention and care. When our puppies are here and have their litter mates to play with and cuddle with if we cannot spend every minute with them, they are fine but if all of the litter mates are gone they become very upset and lonely because we just do not have the time to devote to them like a new family does. We have done this a few times in the past and it is just not fair to the puppies so we no longer will hold puppies past their go home date.  Please plan accordingly. If a litter is born and you cannot take your puppy on go home day, pass on that litter and choose a puppy from the next litter.