*~Shipping Info~*

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We prefer that our puppies are picked up by their owners, however we realize that sometimes this is impossible so shipping is available. We only use Continental Airlines to ship our puppies. They make it very safe and convenient. They have a special area for the puppies that is temperature controlled and pressurized.

We would never put our babies on a plane if we thought they would be in any type of danger. We chose Continental after speaking to other breeders and other airlines. We used them last year and we were pleased with them.


Shipping usually costs $375.00 for puppies 8 to 12 weeks old. For puppies 13 weeks and older usually costs $400 to $450. It depends on the size of the puppy at the time of shipping.

Shipping fees are added to the price of the puppy and they must be paid in full along with the full cost of the puppy by the puppy's 6th week of life. This allows me time to verify the funds, book the reservation get the puppy's vet visit and health certificate and make travel plans to get the puppy to the airport. The cost includes: the airplane ticket, brand new crate, food and water bowls, a stuffed toy and soft blankie rubbed on the mother and littermates so that your baby will have familiar scents for comfort and security on their journey to join your family and feeding instructions for the airlines. Please note if your puppy is being shipped and you do not pay the entire amount of the puppy and the extra shipping fee by the time the puppy is six weeks old, you will forfeit your deposit and the puppy will be re-listed.


We will make all necessary airline arrangements.

Please be aware that we will do the best that we can to have your puppy shipped to the nearest airport that Continental uses for live animal shipments. We do not guarantee that it will be the closest airport to you. Puppies cannot be shipped to their new homes until they are 8 weeks of age.

If you have any further questions about shipping please feel free to contact us or you can call Continental Airlines. They have a 24- hour live animal desk 800-575-3335 or 281-553-5052 or you can access their website by clicking here Continental's Animal Policy for more info. !