Placement and Taping of Natural Ears 

When the natural ear begins to pop-up or "rosebud" it is sometimes 

 necessary to train them into the proper position by taping them. It can 

take some patience and time to do it properly and many people find it difficult to do so our good friend, Javier at  Bóxer Villa-Sahagún  in Spain has put together  this wonderful photo demonstration and he gave us permission to share it. We hope you find it helpful, we did. 

Many thanks to you Javier for sharing this info with us!

1.  You can see the natural crease of the ear below, it is vertical. Fold the ear inward at this crease.


               2.  Bend your ear for this fold.


               3. Hold the ear and tape it into position.  

               4. Do the same with the other ear


      5.  In severe cases you may need to force down the ears with tape that attaches to each ear passing under the chin.


        6. The ears should look like the next photo.       


               7.  You should remove the tape every 5 to 7 days to ventilate the ears.  Check the, often because some dogs need a rest after 3 to 4 days. You must have patience and perseverance, this takes time. If possible use hypoallergenic tape under the chin, electical tape is great for the ears because it only sticks to itself and will not pull your Boxer's fur out.  For the part that goes under the chin, set against the adhesive tape so that it does not stick to that part to avoid pullin out his/her fur when taking off, as the sole purpose of this film is that the ears stay forced downward.

               The model is Javier's beautiful senior female, Elba. As you can see she has lots of patience:)

A big thank-you to sweet Elba too!

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