Taranut Atlanta 

Our very first UK Import!


We are more excited than words can describe and proud to introduce to you our very first UK Import Taranut Atlanta! This big beautiful girl will fly across the "pond" from Ireland to join our family here in Maine on April 11th 2012 . You will notice that we have added not one but 3 flags (one from Scotland one from Ireland and one from Spain) above Atlanta's Photo, we did this to not only honor the country that she was born in, Scotland, the one she was raised in Ireland and we also wanted to honor her wonderful owner's Jose' and Vanesa Guilabert at Klowsberry Kennel in Ireland who made it possible for Atlanta to join our NWB family! The Guilabert's are originally from Spain. I had known for awhile that this gorgeous girl was available but after recently purchasing Olimpio, I knew that it would be impossible to add a second Boxer of this caliber to our breeding program for quite some time. One day I was day-dreaming out loud to a little birdie and it got back to the Guilabert's that I would love to have Atlanta. They sent me an email that I had to read 3 times because I thought it was too good to be true!  The Guilabert's made me a sweet and generous offer which made it possible for us to make the dream of bringing Atlanta to the US a reality! Thank-you Jose' and Vanesa for your generous and kind offer and your trust in us to do the right thing. We will always be grateful to you for trusting us with your beautiful Atlanta, we are truly honored that you chose us to be the lucky new owners of your sweet and stunning girl Atlanta! We promise you that we will spoil her and shower her with love and affection. 

Atlanta's pedigree is amazing, it is comprised of some of the very best Boxers and lines in the UK! Her sire Linncam Story Maker of Taranut has earned several  titles and her sister is the winner of Cruft's. This is the UK equivalent of our Westminster! We will be crossing Atlanta with our European lines in order to help us accomplish our goal of producing the very best Euro Boxers in the US.  Although we LOVE the look of  Euro boxers, and we believe that we already have some of the very best available here in the states,  there are always things that can be improved upon in every line. We expect that when we introduce the UK lines we will add a little more height and a heavier, more angulated rear, we find many Euro lines could use a little more substance in the rear. The UK lines also produce beautiful tight (Pom-Pom) feet. The head and muzzle of the UK lines do tend to be very large so we will do our best to match Atlanta with males who have a nice clean head.  Of course we have our two beautiful males to consider breeding to her and we have some very good friends in the area who will be bringing in a new Euro male with one of the best pedigrees we could imagine! He is very young now but  once he is grown and health tested, if his looks remain as they are now and his tests are good we have a great outside prospect for Atlanta that will be living very close to us and we are thrilled with the idea.




Atlanta's Parents: 

Linncam Storymaker at Taranut  X  Taranut Naughty Thoughts 

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