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 European Puppy Testimonials

 ~ Bailey Testimonial ~

Received from Kitty Mattera in NY on 7/28/2011

As I searched the internet in hopes of finding a reputable Boxer Breeder, I kept returning to the Northwoods Boxer website and I am so glad I did.

My first introduction to Libby was intended to be a simple phone call to ask a few questions regarding an available puppy on her website. We ended up talking about Boxers for about an hour and a half.

During that time she displayed a true love and deep understanding for the breed. She stressed her goals to breed healthy, good looking, intelligent Boxers coupled with exceptional personality and temperament. I felt I found that remarkable breeder and certainly have a remarkable puppy.

He is friendly, confident, intelligent and curious. He loves to fetch and run and yet is excellent working on a leash and fantastic to snuggle with.

When I went to Northwoods to bring Bailey home I was truly impressed with the whole setting. The yard, house and of course Libby who was warm, friendly and organized. My new pup displayed the time and interest Libby takes in her pups, he had already been taught to sit at only eight weeks old. What a beginning for a beautiful little pup.

Since brining Bailey home I have remained in contact with Libby. She is a remarkable resource and responds to questions very quickly. My entire experience has been remarkable and so is my Northwoods Bailey Boy!



 Tessa in VT says:  I contacted Libby after looking for a registered boxer breeder in Vermont and could not find one with a litter. When I opened my search up to the surrounding states I came across Libby's website. She had a litter due right at the exact time we were looking to add a puppy to our family. Libby was extremely cautious when allowing us to purchase one of her puppies, and we were thrilled that we had found such a great breeder who was not just trying to turn puppies out, but who really cared about where they went. We received weekly updates all through Fiore's pregnancy and then weekly pictures of all the puppies right up until we got to pick our little boy up. Libby was and has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entire process of picking out our puppy, picking him up at her house and checking on him once we got him home.  I also have to mention that our little Trueman is an extremely confident puppy who has always loved  people and other dogs. He was a very well rounded puppy with a great personality right from day one. Thank you Libby for all the support and for the opportunity to add this amazing little, but soon to be big, dog to our lives.


Tessa Vande Griek





 Sara In Maine says: My Fiance' and I were thrilled when we came upon Libby and Scott's website. We had been looking for a dog for quite some time and had recently become interested in getting a Boxer. We contacted Libby right away and jumped at the chance to reserve a puppy from the upcoming litter. From the second the puppies were born we received frequent pictures and updates on how they were doing. From Libby's pictures and emails we felt like we already knew Beau and we hadn't even met him yet! Libby also sent us vet appointment updates as well as information and tips on raising Boxer puppies. It was very clear that the puppies were in a loving and nurturing environment. This was even more evident when we picked Beau up to bring him home. The pups had been raised as part of the Haver's family and had been given a great start to their lives.  The dogs had a clean, spacious area to play both inside and out. It was clear how much time, energy and love had been invested into the puppies. Beau was already well on his way to becoming the wonderful dog he is now.  We were able to meet Beau's parents who were also happy, healthy, friendly dogs. Libby and Scott sent us home with vet records, puppy info, food and toys. We were more than prepared to take care of our new puppy when we headed home. Beau is the most loving, gentle, smart dog we could have ever asked for. We couldn't imagine our lives without him. He has adapted wonderfully to our lifestyle and already loves to ride the in pickup and the canoe. He loves to come fishing with mom and dad! We couldn't be happier with our new addition and have already talked about adding another Northwoods Boxer to our family. Libby has been available via phone or email to answer all our questions from day one. We are still in touch and she loves to get pictures and updates. We couldn't have gotten such a great experience anywhere else and we highly recommend Northwoods Boxers.

Sarah and Bud





American Puppy Testimonials

Danielle and Brian in MA Say: We had been searching for a Boxer breeder in New England for a few months, and finally we found Libby and Scott! Our first conversation with Libby assured us that we wanted one of her pups. She cared so much for her Boxer babies and was very careful to make sure we were able to provide a safe, loving home. We picked up our Brody on May 22, 2010 and our lives have not been the same since. Brody brings so much joy to our lives every single day. He has been the most amazing addition to our family. When we were looking for a dog we knew wanted a dog that was active, confident, played well with other dogs and was good with children. Brody has completely exceeded our expectations in every way. He has grown into a beautiful healthy (easy to train) pup! Most amazing of all is the fact that even now Libby is always just a phone call or email away anytime we have ANY questions. She and Scott truly care about the breed and their dogs. We highly recommend a Northwoods Boxer if you would like to be a proud parent to a beautiful, smart, healthy Boxer! We plan to add a second as soon as possible!

Danielle & Brian Morgan






 "Dani in VT Says: I contacted Libby about purchasing one of her boxer babies before they were even born. Immediately, just from speaking with her on the phone I could tell that she was a loving and caring pet owner. I had searched for breeders all over the New England area, and I just didn't get good feelings about many of the others I spoke with. Libby raises the puppies in her home as part of her family. She kept in constant contact with me while Max (my precious baby boy) was growing up until he was 8 weeks old and ready to come home with me. She sent me pictures and updates and we spoke on the phone regularly. She spent a lot of time with each puppy, and worked with them everyday. In my lifetime, I have raised many puppies, and I can honestly say that Max has the best personality. It is obvious that he was well socialized and loved from the moment he was born. He is an extremely loving, trusting, loyal, and courageous puppy. I credit his wonderful personality to the environment in which he was whelped. I truely feel that the time and effort Libby put into raising the puppies, and caring for Bella is the reason why he is so sweet, and intelligent. Libby truely cares about her puppies and the homes in which they will live in. I feel confident that if I ever have questions about Max that I can contact Libby and she will happily be there to support Max. She is extemely knowledgable about Boxers, and really takes the extra steps to make sure that you as the purchaser are educated on every aspect of Boxer health and happiness. I was so happy with Libby's skills, knowledge, and friendly attitude, and highly recommend her as a top notch breeder. Thank you Libby for the time and effort you put in to give me the perfect puppy."

-Dani Cady,
Proud Parent of MAXIMUS

 Update 2009 From Dani Davis........I purchased my very first boxer baby from Northwoods Boxers and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. From day one Maximus has had the best personality, and disposition- not to mention, he is so handsome and intelligent. He is an absolutely cherished member of our family. During our time so far with Maximus, I have kept in contact with Libby. Anytime I ever have a question or need some advice or just want to laugh with someone who understands how amazing a boxer can be, I call Libby. Recently we decided that the time was right to get another dog and the first thing I did was call Libby. I simply cannot imagine getting anything other than a Northwoods Boxer because I know first hand the quality boxer I will get. The time, effort, and love that is devoted to a Northwoods Boxer is monumental and when combined with the amazing bloodlines of Libby's boxers- you are sure to get your dream puppy- I sure did. I not only highly recommend Northwoods Boxers, I am counting the minutes until I can welcome another of their pups into my life.

The Davis's actually ended up with two puppies, they names these beautiful girls, Luna and Sola.




  Bob and Nina in MA say.... "Last year we decided to get a puppy. Both of us agreed to get a boxer. We had been researching boxers for a few months. One morning I found Libby's website. I 'm so glad I found it!!! We liked Bella and Capone a lot, couldn’t resist this beautiful girl and real gentleman! After Libby approved us we sent a deposit. We had a first pick of male from litter. We had to wait about 3 months (Bella’s last month of pregnancy and 8 weeks for Mack to be old enough to come home) to meet our baby, Mack. THANKS to Libby, she kept in touch with us, sent pictures and gave us a lot of helpful information about boxers. She really cares about her babies! We had a great experience dealing with Libby.
We got a very good dog. We didn't have any troubles with Mack since day one. Of course, we spent some time to train him, but it wasn't hard. He loves to play fetch with a ball,(he is boxer retriever:). He digs Cape Cod beaches, runs after our ATV in the woods, sleeps on our bed :). We love him a lot. He is sweet boy. Thank-you Libby!"

Bob and Nina  




  Beth in MA says: "I had been researching boxers for a number of years at the time (for what would be our first).  I ended up finding Bella’s picture on a nationwide pet website and couldn’t resist this beautiful girl, my thought was I had to get in touch with this breeder.  Libby kept in touch with us on just about a daily basis, she’d send pictures of Bella or just update us on how she was feeling.  Once the puppies arrived, we got pictures from Libby quite often (just about a weekly basis).  I could tell from my first conversation that I had with Libby, she was a breeder who cared first and foremost about her Bella, and that she bred from the heart.  I realized that what she was looking for was to give others the chance to feel the same love and companionship that the boxer girl provided her.  Libby showed so much love and nurturing in caring for all of the puppies until they were ready for their “forever” homes, this truly became apparent when we got our baby home.  
When I drove to ME to get Dakota, I walked in and was in awe, my first thought was “look at all of these beautiful babies that were running around”, and my second impression was of Bella.  I couldn’t help but notice what an absolute perfect personality (one that I could only hope my boxer pup would have in the future).  She had her protective bark in the beginning when she knew someone strange was at the door and then once Libby assured her that “it was ok” she allowed me in the house and near the babies.  By the time I left Bella’s front legs were propped up on my knee and she was in my face waiting for her “kiss”.  It was then and there that I realized what sweet personalities Libby is responsible for molding.  We constantly get comments on what a “sweet girl” she is from both people that know her and from people that she has just met.  I like to tease her and call her my little “celebrity” this is due to all the complete strangers that approach me just to comment on how “beautiful” she is or what “beautiful markings” she has.  
Libby has answered all of our questions and provides guidance to those of us that need it.   I’ve been in contact with her about getting a second boxer puppy since our first experience has been so amazing, Libby is not just a breeder who sold us a puppy, she is part of our family and we truly enjoy keeping in touch with her so regularly."  






 Ashley in Vancover says: "When our family saw pictures of Bailey and her brother's and sister's we knew she was the dog for our family. We however, did not realize how far away she was! When we heard Portland we assumed it was Portland Oregon which is a short 1 hour flight. By the time we realized this little puppy was more than 3000 miles away we had already fallen in love with her. Libby was understandably concerned about the distance and went above and beyond to ensure this little puppy would be safe, warm and comfortable on her cross North American journey. But most of all Libby made sure Bailey was going to a family that would be worth the trip! Libby was more than willing to do the additional leg work of health certificates and a long drive to the airport which was so much appreciated by our family. We new this was a puppy that was coming from a loving home. Bailey had to take 2 flights but was adored and loved during her layover by the wonderful staff of Continental Airlines who obviously care tremendously for their 4 legged cargo. Bailey arrived in Vancouver at 1:00am and as soon as we called Libby who was waiting by the phone for word of her arrival, we took our beautiful new puppy home! Libby had sent Bailey with a snuggly blanket, a stuffed toy and a big bag of food for us to start her off with. The exhausting day of travel hadn't phased her a bit and she immediatly settled into her new home. She is an incredible dog with personality plus! She has fit right into our busy home with 3 kids, 2 Guinea Pigs and a grumpy old Bulldog. We get endless comments on how beautiful she is and we couldn't be happier.Thank you Libby for taking the time to ensure your pups are going to loving homes and making the extra effort to ensure Bailey arrived safe and happy to us. We look forward to keeping in touch and getting updates on Bailey's brothers and sisters! " Ashley




 Jodie in MD says: " Belle has been a delightful addition to our already playful family. I think by the time she makes her rounds with each of the boys to play, she gets her fill of puppy games. She does love exploring in the wooded area of our property which is fenced but which none the less sees its share of MD wildlife - fox and deer and squirrels....She loves to dig and finds treasures and buries them. She really loves to play toss and fetch with the pine cones. Resourceful she is. Belle's disposition is excellent. She arrived calm and well socialized and has remained that way establishing her place in the family. She has been very easy to train and is a delight. I would not hesitate to refer other families to you in search of an excellent pet/new family member. Belle has exceeded all of our expectations. At six months she is growing fast and well. She has a gorgeous coat which is soft and lush and her markings and tiger striping are stunning. She is a real beauty! "




 From Sheila Dupal..... After spending a couple of months researching boxers, our family decided that the next step would be to find a breeder that we felt comfortable with, wanted to work with and purchase a boxer baby from. From the beginning, it was a very exciting venture for us, as we were so excited to bring a boxer baby into our family, after the months of research, as we felt that this breed would be a perfect fit for our family. I began to look at various websites when I found the Northwoods Boxers website. I remember how impressed I was when I visited this website for the first time. I couldn’t wait for my family to get home so I could share it with them and show them pictures of the beautiful dogs. Libby had beautiful pictures of her Boxer family as well as a wealth of information about her program and the boxer breed. I called Libby that day and was fortunate enough to speak with her. After having that first conversation with Libby, I knew that we had found our special breeder—so long as we were approved for one of her boxer babies.  Northwoods Boxers did approve our application. Libby and I had several conversations leading up to the purchase of our boxer baby. Libby would always take the time to talk with me when I called or to respond to an email that I sent her. She is very knowledgeable about Boxers and through her experiences, love of the breed and caring ways in which she handles her breeding program through health, temperament, bloodlines, and quality of the breed, it became most evident that she has the program we are most interested in. We had an opportunity to meet Libby prior to purchasing our Boxer baby and felt an immediate connection with Libby. She has always been very professional and if there was a question that we had and she wasn’t sure of the exact answer, she would suggest that we do some research and would come back offering information that she would go out of her way to research as well. I have the utmost respect for Libby and Northwoods Boxers. Finally, our Delilah Belle was born. She is a beautiful combination of Bella and the outside stud that Libby found. Intelligent and Beautiful!! From the birth of Delilah, Libby had been in continual contact with us through emails, telephone calls and PICTURES until Delilah moved to her forever home with us. Even though we didn’t officially meet Delilah until we went to Libby’s to bring her home, through that continual contact, we felt that we were already brought together through Libby’s efforts. We had the pleasure of meeting all of Delilah’s brothers. What a wonderful bunch of Boxer babies they were. They were all very stunning, very curious, friendly, and confident babies. Northwoods Boxers puppies have their own whelping room within Libby’s lovely home.  From the first night that we brought Delilah home, she showed only signs of inquiry, confidence and love for her new family and home. She held her head high, tail up and pranced around like she always belonged. We attribute that greatly to the first eight weeks of Delilah’s life experiences at Northwoods Boxers. Delilah continues to bring such joy to our family. She is full of energy, loves to go for automobile rides, enjoys walks and absolutely loves the attention she gets by other dogs and their people. Delilah’s presence puts smiles on people’s faces and they comment on her beauty. Delilah lives with two teenagers, her “mom” and “dad”, a Yorkshire Terrier, Kringle and a guinea pig, Zeus. (Delilah and Zeus both love snap peas. Zeus chews on one end while Delilah chews on the other—too cute.) Delilah helps her “mom” daily with her family child care business. She certainly gets her daily fill of children. She takes advantage of snuggling with a little one in the sun, grabbing a toy and running to hide with it, lying in the middle of the book area where the children may be trying to read books or taking her share of blocks they may be trying to build with. Delilah brings joy to all that meet her and spend time with her. It amazes me regularly just how intelligent and loving she is. When we are ready to add another Boxer baby to our family, we will definitely look no place else than Northwoods Boxers. I am also a fan of the website and continue to visit it on a regular basis. Thank you for all your help, information, friendship and love of the Boxer breed. I truly feel blessed to have found you and Delilah Belle.


Update  2010- The dupals added this handsome and angelic boy to their family. They have named him Samson:)




 Bill and Sasha in MA say…. My experience with Libby began last Summer, after I said farewell to my beloved "Ozzie" who blessed my life for 12 years and 6 months. My biggest issue was choosing a breeder who's main concerns were health and temperament. I knew from my first call to Libby that I found my breeder. She also knew that I was right for one of her precious animals which was also very important to me. Several follow-up phone calls and looking at photos of the litter grow (via Northwood’s wonderful website) absolutely cemented my certainty that we found the right breeder. I drove to Maine and met Libby and Stripe and the rest, as they say is history.................Stripe is a well-socialized, HANDSOME, loving member of our family. My eight year old son worships him. Stripe has re-energized my life. I have an oil painting of my departed "Ozzie" in my family room. I know he firmly approves of his "successor". I would highly recommend Libby to anyone considering a quality Boxer (what else??) puppy.

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