~Northwoods Trueman Von Holland~

Heart tested and cleared by certified K-9 Cardiologist Dr. John Macgregor DVM, DACVIM

 Trueman was featured in the 2012 Must Luv Boxer's Calendar!  He is the Boxer of the month chosen for Jan and one of his offspring (Milana-AKA Minnie) was chosen for the month of Nov! We are very honored and proud!!!!

Northwoods Trueman Von Holland 6.5 yrs old.


Heritage of Love…

Noble of Heart…

Gentle of Spirit…

Regal of Stature…

I shall grow

to become your

Faithful companion

your defender…

your best friend.


 The photo below is the picture of Trueman that will appear in 2012 Must Luv Boxers Calendar! He is January.... what a great way to start off the New Year:)

Meet Trueman, our amazing stud here at Northwoods boxers. Trueman comes from some of the very best  AKC European lines that are available in the United States. His grandsire pictured below, Joshua Z Ringu is the 2009 Atibox, Boxer World Champion! We are honored and thrilled to have him as a part of our family and our breeding program. He has brought us much joy and laughter. Boxers just seem to be natural comediens and he is no exception. Trueman is of the firm belief that every human on this planet is here to rub his belly and scratch his ears and if you happen to sit on the couch your chest is his pillow as he cuddles up beside to be showered with your love until he falls asleep! If he really likes you he will even hug your neck with his front legs! Yes, we allow our dogs on our furniture, that is why we chose leather, we actually joke around and tell people it is their furniture and they allow us to use it! Bottom line is our animals are a part of our family and they are treated as such. Are they spoiled????  YES, and I wouldn't have it any other way:)


Some of Trueman's offspring:

What a sweet and loving dad! 


Northwoods Rayne @ 5 months. 

Northwoods Jaeger at 12 weeks and at 13 months. 

 Northwoods Trueman Il Secundo AKA "Baby Trueman."

Northwoods Achen @ 9 months. 

  Northwoods Copperfield @ 10 months.

Northwoods Sullivan @ 14 months. 

Northwwods Bailey and Brody @ 10 months .

Northwoods Ember @ 4 months.



Below are some of the great dogs that make up Trueman's Pedigree

The three photos above are Joshua Z Ringu, Atibox Champion He is Trueman's Grandsire. You can see Joshua in action on Youtube, below is a link to just one of his many videos you will find on Youtube:


*****Joshua is owned by Z Ringu Kennels.******





 Trueman's Sire: Darri Pecinska Ruze





Trueman's Dam: Fallon Von Holland. Owned by Sami Coughlin of Holland Boxers.





 Trueman's Paternal Grand-Dam: Cassia Fender Edda.

Owned by Pecinska Ruze Kennels in The Czech Republic

World int. CH. Sch H1 Magnum Di Massumatico x Playa Fender Edda




Trueman's Maternal Grand-Dam: Carmen Von Holland.

 Owned by Sami Coughlin 

International Champion

 Trueman's Pedigree:


Northwoods Trueman Von Holland
Male-  (Red) Fawn & White
[Breeding]    [Pedigree]    [Sibling]    [Vertical Pedigree]    [Reverse Pedigree]   [PDF Pedigree]

Generations: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

INT CH Darri Pecinska Ruze
CKC 1095436 Fawn
OFA Hip Results = GOOD
OFA Thyroid Results = NORMAL
ATIBOX CH Joshua z RinguSchH 3 AD BH
CMKU 90960305
SP CH Baron Rojo de VillalbaSchH 1
LOE 655280
Dorado v Delmestrand
LOE 551399
CH Enok et Pedes et EquesSchH 1 AD DBZB 182071 Brindle
Alpha del Vallecito DBZB 193838
SP CH Altea de Villalba
LOE 580126 Fawn & White
SP CH Trueno de las Arillas LOE 486157
Cobra del Vallecito LOE 462583
Frety z Ringu
IT CH Terzo del Colle dell'Infinito
LOI 008066 Red Fawn & White
AUS INT CH Hoss v d GoldquelleSchH 3 IPO3 AD FH DBZB 177810
Genny del Colle dell'Infinito LOI 061114
CH Orka Floyd Fender Edda
WRLD INT CH Magnum di MassumaticoSchH 1 LOI 087506 Red Fawn & White
SLOV CH Haidy Floyd Edda
Cassia Fender Edda
CMKU 83900201
WRLD INT CH Magnum di MassumaticoSchH 1
LOI 087506 Red Fawn & White
IT ATIBOX CH David del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 HD B
LOI 077068 Brindle
EU ATIBOX INT CH Teck del Colle dell'InfinitoSchH 1 AD BH LOI 065582
ATIBOX CH Playa del Colle dell'Infinito LOI 064581 Brindle
Uja di Massumatico
LOI 079422
Fides di Massumatico LOI 066824
Cloe di Massumatico LOI 063230
Playa Fender Edda
SHPK 1312/99
INT VDH CH Nestor Hevelius
GER ATIBOX CH SGR Xanthos v Bereler RiesSchH 3 AD FH1 DBZB 165185 Brindle & White
CH Drama z Gdanska Rodem PKR.0 CCVII 50014
Xantea Fender Edda
SHPK 012356/97
CH Leonardo Floyd Edda SHPK 00395/94-17
Date of Death = 8/29/2003
POL CH Beatrice Edda SKSP 37/90
Fallon Von Holland
WS25537401 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
Quarlos V. Wordanis
WS23925601 Fawn White Markings
GER NL NOR INT CH Urban v Wordanis
NHSB 2087632 Dark Red Fawn White Markings
Titan de Loermo
NHSB 1850311
SP CH Llackson de Loermo LOE 362139
SP CH Maya de Loermo LOE 369551
Luxe v Wordanis
NHSB 1893286
NL CH Arras v Bave-Loo NHSB 1682281 Fawn
NL CH Orakel v Worikben NHSB 1655358
Kelindra Carly
NHSB 2244000 Fawn & White
NHSB 1893283
NL CH Arras v Bave-Loo NHSB 1682281 Fawn
NL CH Orakel v Worikben NHSB 1655358
Yona v d Harginahof
NHSB 2044618 Fawn & White
BEL LUX NETH EU INT CH Plato v d HazenbergSchH 1 IPO 1 AD LOSH 666784 Fawn
Lotte v d Harginahof
INT CH Carmenvonholland
WS18389905 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
Angelo Van De Boksdoorn
LOSH 893448 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
BEL LUX GER INT CH Toekaan v d Boksdoorn
LOSH 769406
LUX CH Regilio v d Boksdoorn LOSH 715059
BEL SGN LUX CH Quirientje v d Boksdoorn LOSH 697422
Yra v d Boksdoorn
LOSH 838660
BEL LUX SGR RUS INT CH Tikki v d Boksdoorn LOSH 763449 Brindle
Unja v d Boksdoorn LOSH 790660
Mystic RuneÂ?s Xoey
WS13144801 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
Maple's Mystery Sleuth
WS07835709 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
White Gloved Sebastien WP90632604 Fawn
Maples California Dream WS01115405 Brindle
KjaisahÂ?s Mystic Music
WR00179804 Brindle Black Mask White Markings
Boxella's Mystic Sky Lord WP64572707 Fawn Black Mask White Markings
Jessie's Mystic Jubilee WP77922404 Brindle


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